Landis working with Feds

According to the AP, Cyclist Floyd Landis has collected audio and video recordings for federal officials investigating doping in cycling.

Landis wore a concealed recorder and video camera duing a meeting last spring with designer and cycling team owner Michael Ball.  The information help Food and Drug Administration agents to obtain a search warrant for Ball’s apartment.

Doping Ban

The Italian Olympic Committie for cycling is going to attempt to ban the cyclist Lorenzo Bernucci, his wife, Valentia Borgioli, his brother, Alessio Bernucci, his mother, Antonella Rossi, and his father in law, Fabrizio Borgioli from cycling.  As all of them, according to the anti doping prosecutor are linked to blood doping.

This is further proof that the sport is attempting to clear it image.

Andy Schleck

Andy Schleck after his tremendous ride in the Tour De France was booted off his Bjarne Riis team along with his teammate Stuart O’Grady from the Vuelta a Espana after the pair violated team rules by drinking alcohol after dinner.

Schleck in a statement, stated,

“I acknowledge that I have broken a rule on the team by going out for a drink after dinner and for that reason Bjarne has decided to send myself and Stuart O’Grady home.

“I’m responsible for my actions and even though I think it is too harsh a decision, I respect that Bjarne is the boss and he needs to do what he thinks is the best.

“I was getting back into shape and I would really have liked to stay at the Vuelta and help Frank and the rest of Team Saxo Bank.”

Neither Andy Schleck nor O’Grady was at the start of the tenth stage of the Vuelta a Espana on Tuesday in Tarragona.