Team RadioShack

Last week, the 26 rider lineup featuring Lance Armstrong was announced for 2010.  The well balance team is made up of experienced riders and young talented riders.  The team is currently in Tucson, Arizonia, where they will train together for the next two weeks.

The ultimate goal of the team is to compete in the Tour De France as well as other tour races.  However, the teams ultimate goal will be to help Lance Armstrong win his 8th Four de France.  That will be an extraordinary accomplishment for a man at the age of 37.

Of the 26 riders, at least three of them have ridden in El Tour de Tucson including Armstrong (in 1997), Chris Horner, and Matthew Busche. Busche finished 135th overall in this year’s El Tour de Tucson.

The team will make it debat at the 2010 Tour Down Under in Australia.