Tour de France 2013

The organizers of the Tour de France are in the capital ciy of Corsica this week to explore the possibility of starting the race on the Corsica french island in 2013.  There is currently a dozen cities trying to host the start of the 100th edition of the French tour.

The Tour traditionally starts on French territory every other year, interspersed with international settings for opening stages.  For example, the 2010 tour will start in Rotterdam, Holland.

The 2013 Tour is said to likely start in France but Corisca has some chance, since it is the birthplace of the Emperor Napolean, which grants the island greater autonomy than other regional governments.

The Tour officials will spend the next three days inspecting roads and facilities around Corsica.  The Tour is considered the third largerst sporting event in the world, trailing only the Olympics and the World Cup in total viewership.  Of the three, the Tour is the only one help on an annual basis.